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Boen's Tree Services Teams work under the direction of ISA Certified Arborists with all certifications, licenses, and insurances. Unlike a majority of fly-by-night tree people who come to your door with un-welcomed solicitations and extremely enticing prices. Buyer beware.

Boen Tree Service ISA Certified Arborist

Tree work is the number one most hazardous occupation in the United States of America. One reason for this dubious ranking is the number of deaths and injuries occurring annually to individuals that are not trained on the equipment and techniques utilized in tree maintenance. Trees contain hidden hazards such as energized wires, decayed wood and stinging insects. Cutting wood under tension with a saw requires a great deal of experience. Wood under tension can be unpredictable, especially to a novice. Working from a ladder or in the crotch of a tree is extremely dangerous for persons that are untrained. A safe tree worker is someone who has received the proper training and wears the required safety gear. Proper tree care is complex and it can take up to two years before a person is adequately trained to work in trees. Call a licensed, insured firm that employs an I.S.A. Certified Arborist to perform your tree work. Call us today.

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